Let Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lewis Center Help You Extend the Life of Your Car

March 31, 2019

If you haven't shopped in the Lewis Center area for a new vehicle recently, you're likely to experience some sticker shock. It seems everything is costing more these days. And when you consider the price of auto financing in Lewis Center, and insurance, the idea of hanging on to your old vehicle ... More

ICE - In Case Of Emergency In Lewis Center Ohio

March 24, 2019

When accidents occur in Lewis Center, Ohio, the victims' emergency contacts are extremely important. Too often, those involved aren't able to provide rescuers with phone numbers and medical information.When Ohio police and rescue workers must sift through pockets, glove compartments, wallets, pu... More

Protecting Your Vehicle from Theft in Lewis Center, Ohio

March 17, 2019

Every car in Lewis Center, Ohio, is at risk for theft. So it's up to us to make our cars a less appealing target and more of a challenge hopefully sending potential thieves to look elsewhere.The National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends a layered approach to protecting vehicles: Common sense V... More

Suspension Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lewis Center in Lewis Center

March 10, 2019

During an inspection at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Center Lewis Center in Lewis Center, your friendly and knowledgeable automotive service technician will check for worn, broken or missing parts. Here's a quick rundown of suspension system components: There are the springs which hold the weight o... More

Below 45 Degrees in Lewis Center: Consider Winter Tires

March 3, 2019

Remember snow tires? They were basically just regular tires with big, knobby lugs to get them through deep snow. They were loud and rode hard, and Lewis Center drivers couldn't wait to get them off the car. Then along came television advertisements for all-season radials. Ohio drivers ran out an... More